Episode 4: Balancing a Full-Time Job & Ministry

Talks with Joe has officially had their first guest! Take a listen and join in the conversation!

Episode 4 Transcript

Introduction [0:00-2:45]

Come to the River – Rhett Walker Band

Live in Arlington Heights

Hi, My Name Is…Jeff Aiello

P.O. Box & Messenger Pigeons

How You Doin’? [2:45-

Evan’s Highlight: Night of Worship

Mark’s Highlight: Wrigley & the Metro

Jeff’s Highlight: “Manuary”

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Topic: Balancing Full-Time Job and Ministry [ -28:30

Take a listen to what Jeff has to say about starting in serving in youth ministry, some difficulties and benefits from serving in ministry while still having in full-time job.

Let us know your experience as someone who has a full-time job yet still serves in ministry by emailing us at talkswithjoe@gmail.com,  visiting our website at talkswithjoe.wordpress.com, Facebook or Twitter (username: Talks with Joe)

Book Resource [28:30-31:15]

Thriving in Babylon – Larry Osborne

Come to the River – Rhett Walker Band

Thanks for listening and we hope you join in the conversation by emailing us at talkswithjoe@gmail.com or visiting our website (talkswithjoe.wordpress.com), Facebook or Twitter!


One comment

  1. Tim Shoemaker · April 9, 2016

    Great Episode 4! I like that Jeff shared how the leaders share in responsibilities according to their interests or gifts. And that some nights sort of bomb, which others in youth ministry need to hear. But the three of you showed how you take that in stride and keep going. I thought it was interesting to hear how none of you are trying to relive your junior high or high school days, but are trying to help kids through those tricky times in their lives. And I liked how Jeff shared the book he’d just read and enjoyed. The conversation was real … and encouraging. Keep it up, guys!


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