Rest in Peace

If you don’t know it now, I’m a¬†huge fan of Jon Foreman & Switchfoot. I’ve been following his music since Junior High and still can’t get enough of his talent for words and music. In 2015, Jon came out with a 25 song, 4 album series called “The Wonderlands.” I’ve been listening to them consistently. Each song is wonderfully written and flows from song-to-song, album-to-album. The song that has been stuck in my head is “Mercy’s War” off the Dawn album. He brings in a hymn line, “Oh the wonderful blood of Jesus,” to tie in all the thoughts and searching towards Christ. This line always sticks out to me each time he sings it, but there is another¬†line that sticks out to me. Read More


More Than a “Best Dad” Mug

At the office, we have a “Best Dad” mug that floats around. Everything about it is a joke, really. It is abnormally large. It is an ugly beige color with simple black print. Even our intern who is not yet a dad likes to claim the title of best dad when he can. We don’t put much stock into who drinks from the chalice and who does not. The mug is fun, but there is not really value to it (It was a thrift store purchase made as a joke…see…there is really no value here). Read More

Episode 7: Rest

Rest is something we all need, but never get enough of. In this episode, Mark and Evan discuss the need of rest and the benefits of taking rest on a weekly basis. Take a listen and join in the conversation by emailing us at or visiting us on Facebook or Twitter!

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