Episode 21: Worship [feat. Shawn Clarke]

In this episode, we have a very special guest joining us: Shawn Clarke. Shawn is the Pastor of Music and Worship at Bethel Community Church in Chicago, IL. Shawn gives us a rich practical theology of Worship Ministry, why it matters, and how we should implement it in our Youth Ministries. Grab a cuppa joe, take a listen and join in the conversation!

Episode 21 Transcript

Three half-pastor’s gather for one good conversation (awaiting for their true calling to happen)


Mark: Fall Retreat, World’s Most Dangerous Slip-n-Slide, and a Bottomless Mannequin

Shawn: Broken Computer, Christmas Concert of Horror

TOPIC: Worship Ministry in Youth Ministry

  • How should we start with getting students involved?
  • What are some steps we can take to prepare them for worship?
  • Does talent precede salvation?
  • What’s the balance between musical excellence and students ability?
  • Performance or Excellence?
  • How do we pick songs?
  • Personal vs. Corporate Pronouns.
  • Any banned songs? A Worship Music Censored List?
  • A Word of Caution to all who are involved in worship ministry.

A Gift for Shawn

God’s Hot…we mean Reckless…we mean Sloppy Wet…Love


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